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Trendy Engagement Ring Styles For 2019

It is important for you to note that if you are interested in buying an engagement ring keep in mind that whatever you choose will be on someone’s hand for years and that is why it is considered as a huge investment for many. The good things that you will find so many styles which you can choose from that are quite attractive. There are usually some of the best trends that someone should know if they are looking for the perfect ring to buy for their spouse.

Pear shaped diamonds will be one of the biggest engagement ring trends in 2019. Most of the celebrities own such an engagement ring. Another diamonds trend is the oval cut diamond ring that comes in a perfect circle, and the square is usually not as harsh, and that is why it is quite an elegant ring. They are usually soft ovals that come in different shapes and style that you can choose from. You should know that when it comes to over rings it is a real style that is believed to be quite romantic and it is known to look good as a solar tia and if you’re thinking of using it with different students then you should know that they look will also be quite pleasant. Another popular style is the cushion cut gemstone as it is known to be a timeless piece which showcases the diamonds very well. Sophisticated and soft, this cut is especially beautiful in antique and vintage style settings are the center stone.

Many people like the solitaire ring but nowadays you don’t really have to stick with this type of style. These days we don’t necessarily have to choose a round diamond ring as there are so many different types of shapes that are being made these days. A good example of these shapes is pears, baguette and triangle cuts. Keep in mind that when it comes to multi stone rings, they are quite popular nowadays because they are known to make gorgeous rings.

Mixed metals have deliriously turned up on the engagement rings scene this year. If you use either a white metal or platinum together with a diamond setting you can be certain that they will make the diamond stone stand out really well. White gold and platinum have been popular for years, but this year the yellow gold has made its comeback. It was mainly used in the 80s, this rich metal creates a lasting backdrop for gemstones especially diamond. The good thing about gold is that it tends to really look good if given a touch of diamond and gemstone of all colors and it can look good in any setting such as classic or even contemporary styles. The best thing about this metal is that it is usually quite captivating and it is known to be really beautiful.

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