3 Tips That Make Relocation Easier

A home move can be exhausting, even when it is just across town. There are dozens of details to remember and rooms of boxes to pack. However, the methods used by expert organizers can help simplify a relocation. For instance, professionals suggest that customers toss out many items and lighten their burdens. Carefully sorting things into categories before packing and moving is a big help. Clients should also earn some cash by selling things they no longer need.

Organize Belongings by Category

It is important to sort items before deciding what to do with them. This should be done as soon as possible in the moving process. Experts say that it is best to categorize things by type and not by room. For example, it is more efficient to spend several hours sorting through clothing than cleaning out a bedroom. It is important to look at clothes in hampers and laundry rooms as well as closets and dressers. Once everything is gathered, it can be divided into categories. The same process is used to organize things like books, documents, and shoes.

Throw Out As Much as Possible

Professional organizers suggest eliminating unwanted items before packing or moving. They tell clients not to hold on to items for sentimental reasons. It is important to be ruthless and discard anything that hasn’t been used for 5 months or longer. Anything that is still working and might be worth something can be donated. Some moving and storage companies will pick up items to be donated and take them to sites like Goodwill stores. A major purge often has the single biggest impact on the ease and efficiency of a home move.

Make a Profit From Unwanted Items

Everyone has some items that are valuable enough to sell and moving is a great time to get some cash for them. Professionals suggest selling furniture on sites like Craigslist or AptDeco. Consignment stores or websites like Poshmark are great places to sell high-end belongings. Ebay is the ideal site to get cash for gently used items like designer purses or collectibles.

Professional organizers suggest categorizing belongings to simplify home moves. Experts also suggest throwing away or donating most unused items. It is also possible to reduce the number of items to be moved by selling valuable things on sites like Ebay or Craigslist.